Where do we send the data previously sent to the Sentencing Guidelines Commission once SB 5891 (2011 Legislation) takes effect?

In the 2011 Legislative Session a bill was passed that eliminates the Sentencing Guidelines Commission (SGC).  The portion of the bill, SB 5891, takes effect on August 24, 2011.  The databases and functions that were maintained by the SGC are being absorbed by other state agencies.

The Caseload Forecast Council (CFC) will be assuming responsibility for:

  • Adult Felony Disposition database.
  • Juvenile Disposition database.
  • Annual Sentencing Statistical Summaries.
  • Sentencing Manuals.

The Office of Financial Management will:

  • Absorb the Commission support functions.
  • Support the Sex Offender Policy Board.

Courts should continue transmitting felony judgment and sentence forms and juvenile dispositions to the Caseload Forecast Council (CFC) - Sentencing Data Division using their current process.  The 39 dedicated SGC-Domain e-mails assigned to each county are still active and are used as a main method to send the information to the CFC.  There are no major changes planned for the communication and file transferring process in the near future.  If any changes do come up, the CFC will notify all courts at least one month prior to implementing the change.

During the transition most SGC staff can be reached at their current phone numbers or e-mail addresses.  For more information, call 360-407-1050.  You can also direct questions to Duc Luu, SGC - Data and Administration by phone at 360-407-1075 or by email at Duc.Luu@sgc.wa.gov.

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