How can I convert a Civil Domestic case (CT3) with cause Committed Intimate Relationship (CIR) to JIS in order to add a protection order?

You cannot convert a CIR cause code from a SCOMIS-only case to JIS.

The Information Technology Governance (ITG) Committee request confirmed by the Superior Court Judges' Association (SCJA) specifically addressed protection-type orders for the new CIR cause code, as follows:

"The SCJA further clarified that cases under the new Cause of Action "Committed Intimate Relationship" would not require case participants to be well identified persons.  Any domestic violence protection orders or other actions that would require well identified persons would be filed under a separate case number."

As a result, you cannot convert a CIR to a JIS case and add a protection order.  Any protection order would be filed under a separate case number, most commonly a civil case (CT2).

RN id: 2205