How can I automatically import receipts into JRS? 

King County Superior Court has defined the JRS Import Receipt process.  Please see their welcome message below and attached instructions. The link to the King County Web Site is also provided for the actual conversion of the receipt process.

Hello Clerks,

Attached are electronic versions of the instructions related to converting to XML and importing payments into JRS.  The IP (internet) address has been updated here, and should be available for your staff to use.  If you need assistance with either the conversion or the import process, you can contact either Joel McAllister or Bettie Hugo, Accounting Supervisor in our office.

As mentioned, we (King County) use the second conversion tool to facilitate processing of our Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, by creating a spreadsheet with all of the payment information, converting that spreadsheet file into XML format, then importing that data set.  This tool could be used to import any sort of payments you wish to use this for, by using the same format for the spreadsheet, but inserting the correct transaction codes in the column for that piece of data.

Conversion Site

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