How can I get a list of the cases in my court that have used one of the MTO RCW's listed by DOL?  Can the list be used to request refunds from DOL?

AOC has created two BOXI queries to assist courts with the MTO related cases.

The first query, "MTO cases" is located in the CLJ Statewide folder. The report is intended to provide the court a list of cases that may need to be addressed by the court, due to the MTO not being updated.

The results are divided into five (5) tabs to give you flexibility in which cases to review first.  The tabs are titled:

1. Cases sorted closest to purge date.

2. Deferrals.

3. Committed.

4. Cell phone related.

5. all others.

The second query, "MTO - DOL Refund Request Template" is also located in the CLJ Statewide folder. The results on this report display in the format required by the Department of Licensing (DOL) in order to process the refund or reimbursement requests. The column headers on the report match the column headers required by DOL on the original court reimbursement request template. This was done to assist DOL in processing the refund requests quickly, without making the court have to enter the data in the template manually.

The following is a list of the data that will be located within each column:

  • ref_doc = The court initials for the court that ran the report.
  • v_msg = The RCW on the citation that was affected by the MTO.
  • v_name = The defendant's name on the case as listed in the PER screen in JIS.
  • v_add 1 = The defendant's address line 1 as listed in the PER screen in JIS.
  • v_add 2 = The defendant's address line 2 as listed in the PER screen in JIS.
  • v_city = The defendant's address city as listed in the PER screen in JIS.
  • v_state = The defendant's address state as listed in the PER screen in JIS.
  • v_zip = The defendant's address zip code as listed in the PER screen in JIS.
  • invoice = The citation number of the case.
  • inv_dt = The violation date of the citation.

The last column, Amount, will not be completed on the report as accounting information cannot be pulled from JIS using BOXI. Once the report is run, export it to Excel and manually add the actual fine amount paid on each citation. See eService see Answer ID - MTO refund recommendations for CLJs for specific instructions on completing the Excel spreadsheet and submitting it to DOL.


The attached document contains instructions for running both available MTO related BOXI queries. It also provides instructions on exporting the report to Excel.


For courts with specific BOXI questions, please contact the AOC's Customer Services line for assistance at 1-800-442-2169, Option 4.

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