How did SSB 6414 change the sex offender and kidnapping offender registration rules that impact the courts?

SSB 6414 provides that a person who is required to register as an offender with the county sheriff may file a petition to be relieved from the registration requirement.  A list of criteria is provided as guidance in determining whether or not to grant the petition to relieve the adult or juvenile offender from the requirement.  The criteria includes the nature of the offense, subsequent criminal history, the offender's stability in the community, and any other factors that the court considers relevant.

Additionally, a person who is required to register for an offense committed while the person was a juvenile, may petition to be relieved of registration if the person has not committed a new sex or kidnapping offense since adjudication.  The person will not be prevented from being relieved of registration if the person was convicted of only one failure to register violation.  However, the adjudication or conviction for failure to register may not have occurred within the 24 months prior to the filing of the petition.

Any person who may not be relieved from the duty to register, may petition the court to be exempt from any community notification requirements.  These petitions can only be filed fifteen years after the entry of judgment and sentence or the last date of release from confinement, whichever is later.  The person must have spent time in the community without being convicted of a disqualifying offense in order for the petition to be granted.

SCOMIS Docket Codes

  • ORGRDR - Relief from the Duty to Register
  • ORGECN - Exemption from Community Notification

JCS Codes

  • To be determined at this time.  The JCS Workgroup will review the need for applicable JCS Codes.  Additional communication will be sent to the juvenile departments when the codes are ready for release.

RN id: 2163