Why is the Caseload Report not appearing in our court's print domain?

AOC changed the way the Caseload reports for courts of limited jurisdiction are created, which changes the way the courts can get copies of the reports.

CLJ Caseload reports that are automatically generated and published to the Washington State Courts are now compiled using Business Intelligence Tool (BIT).  These reports are not able to be posted to court's JIS Print Domain. 

Courts can get copies of their published caseload numbers by running one of two BIT reports:

  • Published Caseload by Court
  • Published Caseload by Jurisdiction

Additionally, the ability for courts to manually run their caseload reports has changed.  The caseload report function on the Miscellaneous Report Screen (MRS) has been removed.  These preliminary caseload reports must now be run using BIT. Three reports are available for the courts to use:

  • Preliminary Caseload by Court
  • Preliminary Caseload by Jurisdiction
  • Caseload Exception Report

The new Caseload reports are located in the CLJ Statewide Reports folder in BIT.  Click on the Caseload folder to access the individual reports.

For information on what details will appear on the report, see the Caseload Report (CLJ) section of the JIS Online Manual, located in Administrative Tasks.

RN id: 2152