How are cases with underage gambling charges filed in Superior Court?

Legislation signed in 2009 added RCW 9.46.228 relating to underage gambling activities. RCW 9.46.228(2) provides that a person under the age of 18 who engages in or attempts to engage in prohibited gambling activities commits a class 2 civil infraction. RCW 9.46.228(3) provides that juvenile court divisions in superior court have jurisdiction for enforcement of underage gambling violations.

Prior to this legislation, civil infractions relating to juveniles were adjudicated under courts of limited jurisdiction. Juvenile departments under the superior courts adjudicated misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, felonies, non-charges, and transfers. As a result of this legislation, SCOMIS was changed to accept the new Juvenile Offender Class Code Civil Infraction (CVI).

Filing a Civil Infraction case in superior court:

Initiate the case in JIS using a Case Type 8 Juvenile Offender.

Verify the case in SCOMIS.

On the Basic Screen, in the Class field: Enter CVI (Civil Infraction).

Complete the Names Screen.

Complete the Charge Screen: Enter 000.00.000 as the charge number in the RCW/Code column.

(See Non-Charge Cases)

Resolving the case:

On the Charge Screen: Enter N in the RS (Result) column. Enter the Result Date.

On the Basic Screen: Enter UNDS (Uncontested Resolution) in the Resolution field. Uncontested Resolution should be used whether the civil infraction was found committed or not committed. (Civil infractions adjudicated in courts of limited jurisdiction have a result of committed or not committed. They do not resolve as guilty or not guilty.)

Complete the case using the appropriate Completion Code.


RN id: 2144