How can I get a list of my court's authorized BIT users?

Your court's user list can be found by following these steps in BIT:

1. From the Documents tab, click once to select any query.

Result: The "Send" button near the top of the screen becomes available.

2.Click the drop-down arrow and select BI Inbox.

Result: A new screen displays the Available Recipients.

3.Type your Court ID in the Find Title field.

5. Click the binocular icon.
Result: A list of users who have a BIT Inbox display under the Available Recipients section. (A BIT Inbox will display if a person has access to BIT.)

Your Court Administrator or a Site Coordinator may add a court employee to the list by submitting the Manage User ID form.

If you have any difficulties with these procedures, please submit an incident through the eService Center and select Topics: JIS Case Management/BIT Reporting for assistance.

RN id: 2140