How do I file a DV case in JIS, prior to either the Officer filing the ticket with the court, or the electronic ticket arriving at AOC?

JIS will not process a pre-filed case with the Domestic Violence flag set to Yes (Y). In order to file the case and set the DV flag correctly, you must enter the citation using one of the following two filing options:

  1. Manually create the JIS DV case with the current date as the filing date. When the citation is received, update the filing date on the Case Filing Update screen (NCC). The filing date cannot be changed after accounting has been applied on the Create AR (CAR) screen or Finding/Judgment information is entered on the Plea/Sentence screen.
  2. Manually create the JIS case without a filing date, but set the DV flag to No (N). Then immediately go back into NCC and change the DV flag to Yes (Y). Add the filing date when the citation is received. This ensures data integrity while the case awaits the filing date.

NOTE: If the citation was created electronically, the "JIS Case Exists" screen will appear when the eTicket is received. The next action will depend on the filing option that was used.

  • With option one, click the button "Link eTicket" to link the eTicket to the existing case. The filing date will not be updated automatically in JIS, so you must update the filing date on the NCC screen.
  • With option two; click the "Complete a PreFiling" button to complete the pre-filing. The filing date of the eTicket will be automatically entered in JIS.

Instructions on the "JIS Case Exists" screen can be found in the Electronic Ticket Processing (ETP) manual  under the Electronic Ticket Processing > Process eTickets section.

RN id: 2135