Is there a way to view local imaging system documents while in JABS?

Courts and other agencies using a local imaging system are now able to install the JABS Case Link Enhancement on their computers.  After installation, the court's case number appears as a hyperlink on many tabs within JABS.  Clicking on a hyperlink executes the local imaging system in order to display documents for the specified case number. 

The hyperlink will be available on the following tabs:

  • Case Summary
  • Case Docket
  • Case FTA's
  • Case Orders
  • Case Proceedings
  • Case Participants

This is an optional feature that must be set up by local Information Technology (IT) staff.  Setup instructions for Windows 7 and a launch file have been attached to the bottom of this answer

When the set up tasks are complete, the connection between JABS and the local imaging system will be stored as a cookie on the computer.  This may require the set up tasks to be completed multiple times, once for each user accessing the computer.

Once the set up tasks are complete, users are advised not to "Delete all Cookies" on any computer using this feature.  Deleting the cookies will disable the setup.  In addition, please be sure you have unchecked the option to "Delete browsing history on exit" in the computer's Internet Options (Tools > Internet Options > General tab), as this option will delete the cookies automatically when the internet browser is closed.

NOTE:  AOC Customer Services cannot provide assistance with getting a local imaging system connected to JABS.  Users must contact their local IT staff for that assistance.

ATTENTION WINDOWS 7 USERS: In order to run the launch file you must first unzip/extract the files from the zip file attached to this answer.  This process is slightly different when using Windows 7 than it is with any other version of Windows.  Please follow the attached instructions on how to properly extract the files.  Attempting to run the launch file without extracting the file first will result in an error [RegSvr32 LoadLibrary("launchIE.dll:) failed - The specified module could not be found].

FOR NEW VERSIONS OF WINDOWS 10, WINDOWS 8.1: Please use the link to Microsoft on: "How to unzip a file"

See Attachments:

Enable JABS-Local DMS Case Number Hyperlink Instructions. docx

JABS bat.doc


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