What are the 2009 legislative changes for restoring a felon's right to vote?

Bill # - HB 1517 addresses these changes.

Summary - Legislation restores a felons provisional right to vote once the person is no longer under authority of the Washington Department of Corrections or no longer incarcerated (federal and non Washington state felons).  The provisional voting rights can be revoked upon a finding that the person willfully failed to comply with an order to pay legal financial obligations (LFO).

Court Awareness

  • The Clerk may request the prosecutor to seek revocation of provisional voting rights if a person fails to make three LFO payments in a 12-month period.

  • Restitution recipients may petition the court to revoke provisional voting rights when restitution payments are not paid three months out of a 12-month period.

  • Two new SCOMIS Docket Codes that trigger notification to the Office of the Secretary of State have been created:

    - ORRPVR Order Revoking Provisional Voting Rights.

    - ORREPVR Order Restoring Provisional Voting Rights.

  • New pattern forms have been created:

    - Motion to Revoke Provisional Voting Rights ( MT)

    - Order Revoking Provisional Voting Rights (ORRPVR)

    - Motion Requesting Reinstatement of Provisional Voting Rights (MT) check code

    - Order Restoring Provisional Voting Rights (ORREPVR)

    See also: Answer ID: Updated court forms for 2009 legislation.

Court Action -

Suggestion:  Use the Payment Monitoring Report to track payment record of LFOs.

RN id: 2112