What are the 2009 changes to the Parenting Plan for military parents?

Bill # - SHB 1170 addresses these changes. The legislation authorizes a parent who receives temporary duty, deployment, activation, or mobilization orders from the military service, to request an expedited hearing on custody and visitation matters, and authorizes the military parent to present testimony and evidence by electronic means in custody and visitation matters.

Court Awareness - Two new SCOMIS Docket Codes have been created:

  • ORATE - Order Allowing Testimony by Electronic Means.
  • TRTMP- Temporary Residential Time Military Parent.

    New pattern forms have also been created:

  • Motion/Declaration by Military Parent for Ex Parte Order to Expedite Hearing/Allow Electronic Testimony (MT).
  • Ex Parte Order Re: Expediting Hearing/Allowing Electronic Testimony and Evidence (ORSGT, ORDYMT, ORATE).
  • Order Allowing Testimony by Electronic Means (ORATE).
  • Temporary Residential Time Re Military Parents (TRTMP).

  • Notice re Military Parent's Return (NT) (Optional Use).

    See also: Answer ID: Updated court forms for 2009 legislation.

RN id: 2111