What new procedures are there in JIS, SCOMIS, and JCS regarding the 2009 law about gambling penalties for minors?

Bill # - SSB 5040 addresses gambling violations for minors.

Summary:  A minor who engages in prohibited gambling activities commits a class 2 civil infraction and is subject to a fine, community restitution, and court costs.  Juvenile courts have jurisdiction over these violations.  Prior to this legislation, courts of limited jurisdiction adjudicated class 2 civil infractions.  This legislation requires changes to JIS/SCOMIS/JCS to file a class 2 civil infraction in the S8 Juvenile Offender case type. 

Court Awareness:

  • 09C357S2 Minor Playing Authorized Gambling has been added to the SCOMIS and JCS RCW tables for the new section of 9.46 RCW.  (Non-Charge)
  • New Case Type 8 Offender Class Code CVI- Civil Infraction has been created.
  • New A/R Type UGV â Underage Gambling Violation has been created.

Process Information:

  1. Initiate the case in JIS.
  2. Verify in SCOMIS.
  3. JO referral is created in JCS. Juvenile Department changes the JO referral to JI referral.
  4. On the SCOMIS Basic Screen, enter CVI in the Class field.
  5. On the SCOMIS Charge Screen, enter the charge as Non-Charge.
  6. Resolution  Use N for Result and enter Result Date.
  7. Select the correct Resolution Code. (Note: Resolution Codes for CVI - Civil Infraction are pending.)
  8. Select correct Completion Code

RN id: 2109