PSEAs used to be added to court fines and some court fees; money receipted would be directed to the PSEAs by JIS.  Where did the PSEAs go?

ESSB 5073 passed in the 2009 Legislative Session.  It discontinued a number of state specialized funds and ordered that all money previously distributed to the three PSEA accounts be paid into the State General Fund.  This was done to help improve state budget transparency as money going out to the different programs can now be tracked from the State General Fund fund rather than through each of the specialized funds.  The prior PSEA funds continue to be assessed to base penalties at the same rates.

The courts are affected as follows:

  • All funds currently paid into the Public Safety and Education (PSEA) account must be paid into the State General Fund.  This affects sub-accounts 40 (PSEA 1) and 50 (PSEA 2) in JIS.
  • All funds currently paid into the Equal Justice account must be paid into the State General Fund.  This affects sub-account 54 (PSEA 3) in JIS.
  • All payments made to the courts after July 1, 2009 must be remitted pursuant to the legislation.  This includes payments made on accounts receivables that were created before July 1, 2009.

The distributions to PSEA accounts 1, 2, 3, are now remitted to the State General Fund.  Local treasurers should be instructed to redirect funds from the original accounts to a remittance to the State General Fund.

The JIS Online Manuals were updated in June 2009, to document this change.  All previous references to the PSEAs now display ST GEN FUND and list the Sub-Account number.

Example 1:  Accident Fee BARS Remit Group Sub-Accounts

 Before 7/1/2009

 After 7/1/2009

 10 Cur Exp

 10 Cur Exp 

 20 CV (County/City)

 20 CV (County/City)
 40 PSEA 1 40 ST GEN FUND 40
 50 PSEA 2 50 ST GEN FUND 50

Example 2:  Civil/Probate/Domestic Filings BARS Remit Group Sub-accounts

 Before 7/1/2009

 After 7/1/2009
 County 10 County 10
 Law Library 30 Law Library 30
 PSEA 1 40 St Gen Fd 40
 PSEA 3 54 St Gen Fd 54
  JST Acct 56





No changes to the courts' DCXT were required when this change was made as the existing splits were renamed rather than changed to new sub-account numbers.  Courts can change their DCXT tables to use the same local County/Department code for all three sub-accounts.  The DCXT Worksheet for the appropriate court level can be printed and provided to the city or county treasurer to update the local County/Department Codes if necessary.  Links to the court level DCXT Worksheets are located as follows:

Superior Courts 

JRS/JIS Code Manual for Superior Courts - DCXT Worksheet and Report

Courts of Limited Jurisdiction 

JIS Code Manual for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction - County Department Cross Reference Codes (DCXT)

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