If we use DOL's DIAS program to adjudicate FTAs, do we still need to adjudicate them in JIS?

YES! It is important to adjudicate an FTA in both JIS and the Department of Licensing's DOL DIAS program.

The DIAS program clears the FTA from the DOL record ONLY.  The court's record continues to show an active FTA in JIS until it is also adjudicated. HOWEVER, when adjudicating in JIS an FTA that has ALREADY been adjudicated in DIAS, please do the following:

  1. In the Notify DOL (Y/N:) field enter "N" each time an FTA is adjudicated.
  2. A warning message appears:  D1535W Warning. DOL will not be notified of adjudication.
  3. Press <ENTER> to bypass the message and complete the adjudication without notifying DOL.

Note: If you were to enter a "Y" at the Notify DOL prompt, a SECOND adjudication notification is sent to DOL. This results in an exception on DOL's report since DOL no longer shows that FTA. Each exception must be reviewed manually, which can delay DOL's adjudication services.

EXCEPTION: Please DO NOT use the DIAS program to adjudicate an FTA for someone with an out-of-state driver's license.  The DIAS program does not notify DOL staff to send the adjudication on to the appropriate state.  ONLY the JIS FTA adjudication notices (Notify DOL = Y) will send the appropriate notification to the DOL staff.

 RN id: 2082