Is there a way to schedule a time payment agreement on a parking infraction in JIS?

JIS has a process for scheduling time payment agreements, however, the process only works for cases attached to an individual (IN) type person record.  Parking tickets are not attached to IN type person records, therefore the Time Pay Select (TPSE) and the Schedule Time Pay (TPSC) screens are not available for use.  For more information on the TPSE and TPSC screens, see the Time Pay Process (Courts of Limited Jurisdiction) section of the JIS Online Manual.

The Parking Ticket sub-system in JIS does not have a separate time payment process, however a review of the Automated Parking Delinquency and Collections Cycle does include one step that can be taken to prevent the delinquency and collections cycle from starting.  That step is to place the ticket on a case review.  

It is the combination of the PRK code and the future Review Date that prevents the automated delinquency process from selecting the ticket for the collections process.  Once the Future Review date has passed, the ticket will be eligible for selection.

Use the Case Review Report (Courts of Limited Jurisdiction) to track the time payment agreements on the parking cases by running the report with only the code PRK selected.  If a time payment agreement is extended, be sure to advance the Future Review date on the PLS screen to prevent the case from being brought back into the collection process.



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