Which Docket Code should be used when a judge signs the order of dismissal for want of prosecution: CLOC (Clerk's Order of Closure For Want Of Prosecution) or CLOD (Order of Dismissal For Want Of Prosecution)?

It is the best practice to follow the pattern form Docket Codes when entering documents into SCOMIS. When processing dismissal documents from the Clerkâs Dismissal Download Report, use the following:

  • Docket Codes:
    CMDWP Clerk's Notice For Dismissal For Want Of Prosecution.
    DCLRM Clerk's Notice For Dismissal For Want Of Prosecution Declaration Of Mailing.
    CLOD Order of Dismissal For Want of Prosecution. 
  • Resolution Code:
    DSCK Dismissal/Closure By Clerk. 
  • Completion Code:
    CDCM Case Dismissed/Closed On Motion Of Clerk Due To Litigant Inactivity.

The Clerk's Dismissal Download Report is available for use in the following non-criminal case types:

  •  2 (Civil).
  •  3 (Domestic).
  •  5 (Adoption/Paternity).
  •  7 (Dependency).

The Superior Court Statistical Reporting Manual provides that CDCM is not the appropriate Completion Code to use when an Order Of Dismissal (ORDSM) is signed as the result of a request brought by a party; i.e., Motion to Dismiss (MTDSM).  The Completion Code JODF (Judgment/Order/Decree Filed) is the appropriate code.   Refer to the Resolution Codes section in the SCOMIS Code Manual for the applicable case type Resolution Code.

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