Where can I find information about using the VPI screen?

The VPI (Vehicle Participant Add/Update) Screen is a JIS command used in the Parking sub system.  To view links to all the online manual usage descriptions for the VPI screen, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Education/Help Courts Site/Application Manual for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction page of the Inside Courts Web site.
  2. In the JIS Online Manual search box at the right of the screen, type VPI and click Go.
  3. The search will return about 10 hits, each with a link and a description about the content for that link.
  4. Click the link(s) that correspond to the type of information you are seeking about the VPI screen.

See also:  Parking Case Filing section of the Online Manual, located at the following path on Inside Courts: Court Resources > Manuals > JIS Online Manual > Case/Person Processing > Case Initiation > Parking Case Filing (Courts of Limited Jurisdiction).

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