What changes to JIS and SCOMIS from prior legislative sessions become effective in 2009 for superior courts?

Below are three laws that take affect in 2009, as passed during previous legislative sessions.

  • Dissolution Mediation Fee [2SSB 5470 (Ch 496, Laws 2007)].

    This bill originally passed in 2007. This legislation created three new Transaction Codes with different effective dates. Tran Code 1517 â Dissolution Mediation Fee is effective January 1, 2009.

    • A court may provide pre- and post-decree mediation at a reduced or waived fee to the parties within one year of the filing of the dissolution petition for issues relating to residential time or other matters governed by a parenting plan.
    • Revenue is 100% to the County.

  • Children's Safe Products [E2SHB 2647 (Ch 288, Laws 2008) amended RCW 43.70.660, added new chapter to Title 70 RCW, and created a new section].

    • Requires the state to develop numerous safety standards relating to chemicals in products for children.  Section 7 creates a new civil penalty for violation of the standards, with the penalty to be paid into the state toxics control account.
    • Effective July 1, 2009, file under SCOMIS Civil Case Type 2 using Cause Code MSC - Miscellaneous.

  • Cigarette Ignition [2SSB 5642 (Ch 239, Laws 2008) amending RCW 43.79A.040, adding new chapter to Title 19 RCW)].

    • Beginning August 1, 2009, only reduced ignition strength cigarettes may be sold in Washington.
    • The provisions of the bill may be enforced civilly by the Attorney General or the state fire protection director.
    • Civil penalties assessed for violation of this chapter must be paid into a new Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity Account in the state treasurer's office.
    • File under SCOMIS Civil Case Type 2 using Cause Code INJ - Injunction.

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