How do I go about getting my hunting and rights to possess firearms restored, now that I have successfully complied with the terms and conditions of my sentence?

  • The Douglas County (Washington) Web site provides a page Restoring Your Right to Possess a Firearm, which contains instructions and links to required forms, additional resources, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Spokane County Superior Court provides instructions and forms under the heading Restoration of Gun Rights Packet, on the Criminal Court Forms page of its Web site.

Each county in Washington State may have slightly different procedures, however, so you will want to check with the court in the county where your court case took place.  A Court Directory by County is located on the Washington State Court Directories page of the Washington Courts Web site.

Please note:  Restoring your right to possess a firearm in the state of Washington does not necessarily restore your right to possess a firearm under federal law. You should consult an attorney if you have questions regarding this issue.

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