What changes have been made to the JIS Law Table for 2008 legislation?

The attached PDF file, May and June 2008 JIS Law Table Update Bulletin, details the following:

  • Law table changes for 2008 legislation (most are effective June 12, 2008).
  • Law table changes for WAC Chapter 232-13 adopted by the Department of Fish and Wildlife on January 17, 2008.
  • Law table changes for 2007 legislation effective July 1, 2008
  • Procedures for district courts to implement ESHB 2480--Penalty Schedules for Public Transportation Agencies.  The bill created three new infraction non-traffic violations: Failure to Pay the Required Fare, Failure to Display Proof of Payment, and Failure to Depart the Bus or Other Mode of Public Transportation.  The law enforcement agency would be the public transportation agency.

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