Was there a recent change in the retention period for accounting reports for courts of limited jurisdiction?

Yes.  In early 2008, a subcommittee of the District and Municipal Court Management Association and the State Archivist's Office reviewed and approved changes to the retention schedule for accounting reports.  At the request of the State Archivist's office, the revised retention period is based on the Local Government General Records Retention Schedule on the Secretary of State's Website.* The goal is to consolidate common documents such as accounting reports in one general schedule and have only documents unique to an agency addressed in agency schedules.

Please note that the Ledger Summary Report is now considered part of the Audit Trail.  Preparing this report is already part of the End-of-Month Checklist for accounting procedures.  Please keep this report for three years from this point forward.  The State Auditor's Office has approved this change.

The Scheduling and Retention of Reports section in the JIS Online Manual has been updated:

  • The Disposition Authority Number (DAN) has been added.
  • More specific retention periods, such as "3 years" or "destroy when obsolete or superseded," replace the prior general links to the Secretary of State's Web site.

If you have any questions, please use eService Center and select Topic: JIS Accounting.  Enter your question in the Description field and click Submit.  Or call 1-800-442-2169, option 2.

*www.secstate.wa.gov > archives > Records Management > Services to Local Government Agencies > Records Retention Schedules > Local Government General Records Retention Schedule (LGGRRS)Version5.2(December 2010).

RN id: 1988