I cannot access JABS (Judicial Access Browser System) from Inside Courts, is there another way to log on to the system?

Some court users are experiencing difficulty using the JABS hyperlink under Judges' Resources on the Inside Courts Web site due to possible third-party programs running on their computers.  If you are unable to access JABS via Inside Courts, try this alternate URL address: https://jabslink.courts.wa.gov/JabsWeb/pages/logon.jsp

If you do not have a JABS ID or are unsuccessful at logging in, please contact Customer Service by clicking eService Center or by calling:

  • Local: (360) 357-2412, Option 1 (Computer/Access/Security).
  • Toll-free: (800) 442-2169, Option 1 (Computer/Access/Security).

RN id: 1976