A defendant used his brother's name and identifiers when he was cited by an officer recently.  It was later determined that they were not the same people, and the charging document was amended.  The Case/Person Change (NPC) command was completed to change the name on the case.  Should an AKA (Also Known As) link be created?

The purpose of recording True Name/AKA links in JIS is to provide the courts with an accurate case history for the one individual. In the instance where there are two separate individuals in existence, the name should NOT be linked, as this will combine their case histories.

Instead, the court should use the name and date of birth listed on the citation to create a NEW person record in JIS.

  • DO NOT include additional personal identifiers such as address, race, sex or physical descriptors.
  • DO NOT include any Personal Identifying Numbers (PINS) in the new person record.

By leaving the additional identifiers blank, the record remains a not well-identified person record. If the person whose name was used erroneously is ever cited in the future, this record should not be used as it will not have a third matching identifier (Person Business Rule 3.30.)

Use the AKA command to link the new person record (the name on the citation) to the defendant's True Name record.

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RN id: 1973