If a defendant has used multiple driver's license numbers, how do we capture the information in JIS?

When multiple driver's license numbers have been used by one defendant, there may be a need to record those numbers in JIS.  However, the Individual Information (PER) screen only has room to record one driver's license number.

To address this issue, use the Person Comment Screen (PCMT) to record to additional driver's license. Person Comment Type Codes are available for all states, US territories, Canadian provinces and territories, and several other countries.  There is also the code for Other Driver's License Number (OTL) for countries without a specific code or to be used to record a second Washington driver's license.

DO NOT list the alternate license numbers in the Physical Description fields of the PER screen, as those fields are NOT confidential. See Answer - Person Record Information Seen in Public Access Version of JIS for a listing of all confidential fields.

RN id: 1966