How do I update a residential address for an IN person type in JIS?

If a person's residential and mailing addresses are not the same, either type of address can only be updated on the Address History (ADH) Screen.  (The residential address is the physical location where the person lives and the address that prints on a warrant; mailing addresses, such as a post office box or relative's residence, is where the person receives his/her mail.)

To update an address:

  1. Enter ADH in the command field and the IN number in the Name Code field. Press <Enter>.
    Result:  The address history displays.
  2. Tab down to the first blank set of lines.
  3. Enter the type of address being added in the Type field. (RES for Residential, or MAI for Mailing.)
  4. Enter the address in the blank address lines and press <Enter>.

    Note: Do not tab to the County Code space unless you are manually adding a County Code for a City that is in multiple counties.  Pressing the <Space bar> or the <Delete> key while in this field will prevent the County Code from auto-populating.
  5. If entering a new Mailing Address, you will be prompted to select a reason for the update.  JIS will automatically add an End Effective Date to the previous Mailing Address. (JIS will not allow more than one active Mailing address at a time.)
  6. If entering a new Residence Address, you will need to manually add the End Effective date to any older residence address IF it is no longer current. (JIS does allow more than one active residence address.)

    Note: Typing over an existing Residential address will create a duplicate Residential Address record that includes the correction that was made.  However, the older existing Residential record will remain active also, UNLESS you manually add the End Effective date to it.

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