The Judge ordered that an address be made confidential for a Victim on a case.  What is the best way to enter the address or the confidential status into JIS?

The Person Business Rules (PBRs) MUST be followed when entering Names or Addresses into JIS.  PBR 8.20 Secretary of State Confidential Address Program specifically addresses the use of the Secretary of State Confidential Address Program.

If the Victim on the case is NOT participating in the Secretary of State Confidential Address Program, you should NOT make any changes to the valid mailing address.  Mailing addresses are required on all JIS Person records, per PBR 8.10 Case Participant Address to Be Kept Current, as notices may need to be mailed to the person.  The residential address, however, CAN have the End Effective Date completed on the Address History (ADH) screen, so it is no longer showing as a valid residential address. 

At no time should the word CONFIDENTIAL be added to the Name or Address Fields of the person record.  Refer to the following PBRs regarding the restricted use of the Name and Address fields respectively:

If the Judge determines that the address should NOT be listed in JIS, follow the instructions in:

Information on the Secretary of States Confidential Program for Victims of Crimes can be provided to the Victim.  When verification is received that the Victim is part of the program, the mailing address can be updated to the address provided by the program.

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