What are the guidelines for entering an unknown or general delivery address in JIS?

When CREATING a person record, an address is always required.

  • If the exact address is not known:
    • Enter UNKNOWN in the Addr and City fields.
    • Enter State Code ZZ (unknown state) in the State field.
    • The Zip Code field is optional and may be left blank.
    • Enter County Code 99 (Unknown County) in the County (CO) field.
    • The Country (CY) field defaults to US or enter any other valid Country Code.
  • If the person receives mail via General Delivery:
    • Enter GENERAL DELIVERY in the Addr field on the Individual Information (PER) screen.
    • Also on the PER screen, enter the appropriate City, State, and Zip Code.

When UPDATING a person record, however, do NOT change a known address to UNKNOWN.

  • Instead, flag the bad address with an appropriate Status code on the Address history (ADH) screen.

See the Recording an Unknown or General Delivery Address topic of the Address Data Entry Guidelines section of the Online Manual.

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