Our court is cleaning up person records associated with our cases and finding many names with two spaces before Jr, Sr, III, etc.  What causes the extra spaces? Also, what is the proper location for c/o for an address?

The extra spaces in the name field when there is a suffix such as Jr, Sr, III, etc., comes from DOL.  When screen scraping a name from DOL, the extra space that is required in the DOL system is transferred to JIS with the name and address.

JIS does not support two spaces before the suffix.  If the extra space is not removed at the time the record is created in JIS, the name will appear on an exception report as part of your court's pre-implementation clean-up.  If the record is used on one of your court's cases, you will want to correct the spacing.

Regarding the proper location for entering c/o (in care of):  The c/o information goes on the first line of the address.  If this information should appear elsewhere, such as in the second name field, the person record will appear on an exception report. Again, you can and should correct the record if used by your court, even though your court may not have created the record.

Below are additional Frequently Asked Questions using the Person Business Rules that may aid your court in its data clean-up effort:

RN id: 1902