What are the new features in JRS Version 3.12 and when will the new version be available (Superior Courts only)?

JRS Version 3.12 will be available for downloading from the Inside Courts Web site on October 8, 2007.  County Clerks offices should plan to download the new version to each JRS PC by October 26, 2007. Installation Instructions will be available on the Projects and Plans page of the Inside Courts Web site on October 8.

New feature for JRS Version 3.12:
The addition of Transaction code 1566-Pre-Trial Supervision Costs.  Collection of pre-trial supervision costs was authorized by Substitute Senate Bill 6100 (Ch. 367, Laws of 2007) which amended RCW 10.01.160. Use this new transaction code for supervision costs imposed and collected before trial on case types 1 and 8.  Costs may not exceed $150.  Courts may have been using a different transaction code temporarily since 7/22/2007 while waiting for this new transaction code. 

If your court does not want to do Document Validation for this new transaction code, remove the check mark in the Document Validation Flag field in the Transaction Code Local Table.  For instructions, see the Tables section in the JIS Online Manual.

In addition to the JRS transaction code, there is also an A/R type code (PSS Costs-Pre-Trial Supervision) available for use in JIS on the Create A/R (CAR) screen if the pre-trial supervision costs are assessed and collected at a later time.

If you have questions or concerns, please use eService Center to contact AOC Customer Services.  Select Topic 2. Accounting, type your question in the Question Data area, and click Submit to AOC, then click Finish Submitting. Or, call AOC Customer Services (Local: 360-357-2412; Toll free:  800-442-2169) and select Option 2, Accounting.

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