When attempting to access the Pod List in JCS, the screen came back with "No Records Found." Why isn't it pulling up the list of youths currently in the JCS Detention module?

JCS stores each user's last settings for the Pod List display. Storing a user's settings allows the system to display the Pod List view as the user previously selected it (i.e. by "all", "building", or "furlough"). The purpose of this function is to eliminate the need to re-select your view choice each time you enter the Pod List.

Occasionally, a JCS application upgrade release will clear out all users' display settings. When this happens, the previously-saved view settings are erased and a result of "No Records Found" is returned when the PODLIST menu item is selected.

To correct a "No Records Found" message, either make a new View selection, or click Search for the default selection. Once this has been done, the settings are re-saved and the Pod List will display that same way the next time PODLIST is selected from the menu.

RN id: 1855