How do I update my court's Judge codes or Calendar codes lists?

Any needed change to your Judge or Calendar codes needs to be submitted to AOC Customer Services. AOC will make the requested change and generate the updated list. The new list will appear in your court's Print Domain the same day AOC generates it.

In order to make the requested changes accurately, AOC needs complete information about the changes you wish to make. To submit your detailed request, please use eService Center and select Topic: Case Management. In the Question Data area, please include the information itemized below. You may wish to use the Print Answer icon at the left to print this answer to refer to while completing the steps below:

  • In the first sentence, include the words "Calendar Code Change Request" or "Judge Code Change Request ".
  • Indicate if you are:
    • Updating an existing code (and include the code information as it appears on your current list and the specific changes you need made);
    • Deleting an existing code (and include the code as it appears on your current list); or
    • Adding a new code (and include the following:
      • The new code you would like to be added;
      • The exact title to be added to your Judge or Calendar codes;
      • Case Types to be allowed on the calendar;
      • the day of the week the Calendar code can be used (for example, for Wednesday Only, indicate NNNYNNN);
      • Where on your Calendar code list you would like the new code to be located; and
      • If you wish to have your codes listed in any format other than alphabetically.
        Note: The two-character Calendar codes can only be used once per court. If you request a code that is already in use, AOC may ask you to agree to an alternate suggestion or to verify that you did not intend to replace an existing entry.

If you have any questions about submitting your request, please call AOC Customer Services: 1-800-442-2169, and press Option 3 - Case Management.

Note: You can request new copies of both the Judge Code List and the Calendar Code List for your court any time by calling the number above or using eService Center to submit your request to Topic: Case Management.

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