When the judge orders Credit for Time Served on a juvenile, we are adding the time to the existing Episode in JCS. Why is the Total Remaining Time Due calculating incorrectly?

On the Episode Screen in JCS, any Ordered, Served or Credited, as well as the Remaining Time Due are all listed in the Time Calculation box. The JCS Help for the Episode Screen lists the definition of each row of the time Calculation box, as well as all the other fields on the Episode Screen.

The first row is entitled Ordered and will show only the amount added to the Episode that the youth is "ordered" to serve. JCS auto-calculates the amount of time that the youth has been in custody on the current episode. This time is listed in the second row, entitled Served.

JCS automatically subtracts the time in the Served row from the time in the Ordered row and provides you with a total of time remaining due. This information is listed in the last row, entitled Time Remaining.

If there is any additional Credit for Time Served ordered for time served on a previous episode, or for other issues such as time served in treatment, that additional time should be listed in the row entitled Credit. JCS will then add the time from the Served row to the time in the Credit row and show the total credited time in the fourth row, entitled Total Served + Credit. The amount of time from this column is then subtracted from the time in the Ordered row, to give you an accurate calculation in the Time Remaining row.

Credit for Time Served for the current episode should not be manually entered into JCS, as doing so will cause an incorrect Time Remaining total to appear.

If you still believe the time is calculating incorrectly, please use eService Center to submit the problem to AOC Customer Services. Select Topic: Case Management, describe the problem in the Question Data area, click Submit to AOC, then click Finish Submitting.

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