Where can I find documentation on the SCOMIS Sentence Screen?

Currently there are 24 different places in the SCOMIS Online Manual that describe Sentence Screen usage. Each instance varies, depending upon whether you are entering felony convictions, juvenile offender deferred dispositions, course of conduct, appeal, printing labels, etc.

The best recommendation is to:

  1. Access the SCOMIS Manual.
  2. Type Sentence Screen in the Search box for the SCOMIS Manual that appears on the right side of the SCOMIS Manual page and click Go.
  3. Search through the 20-plus results list for a summary that describes what you are looking for, and then click that link.

Following are detailed instructions on using the Search function within the Online Manuals.

  1. Go to the main Online Manual page on the Help Courts Site under Education on the Inside Courts Web site.

  2. Click the desired Online Manual.

  3. Click the Search magnifying glass to the left that is specific for that manual, enter your word or phrase in the search box. If you know this is a common term, click the button to search by Exact Phrase.

  4. Click Enter.

  5. Read through the descriptions displayed in the Results links to determine which link best describes what you are looking for, and click that link.

  6. If you find that the section of the manual is not helpful, click Back one or more times to return to the list of Results and select a different link. Or, click Back one more time to return to the Search box and change your search term.

  7. Remember, you can always use Ask an Expert to submit a question to AOC Customer Services, or call AOC Customer Services at 1-800-442-2169 for assistance.

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