What Cost Fee codes should our court use to recoup the cost of local emergency response for fire protection, ambulance, or police?

For Courts of Limited Jurisdiction:

See The Cost Fee Codes section of the Online Manual for the following codes, which are entered on the Create AR (CAR) screen:

  • DEA - DUI Emergency Response - Aid
  • DEF - DUI Emergency Response - Fire
  • DER - DUI Emergency Response

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For Superior Courts:

See the A/R Type Codes (Summary and Detail sections) of the JRS/JIS Code Manual for Superior Courts for these codes, which are entered on the Create A/R (CAR) screen:

  • DER - Reimbursement, DUI Emergency Response.
  • DEA - Reimbursement, DUI Emergency Response - Ambulance & Emergency Aid.
  • DEF - Reimbursement, DUI Emergency Response - Fire Protection Services.

RN id: 1815