Do you have more information about the new VVT Cause Code?

Yes.  The Cause Code section of the SCOMIS Code Manual has been updated to include VVT (Victims of Vehicle Theft Civil Actions) under Case Type 2.

This change is the result of HB 2034 (Ch 393, Laws 2007) which amended RCW 46.20.291, and created a new section in RCW 9A.56.  The legislation provides:

  • A victim of one of the four car theft statutes to file a civil action against the perpetrator for damages, civil damages up to $5,000, plus the costs of the suit including reasonable attorney's fees.
  • The Department of Licensing (DOL) shall suspend the driver's license of a defendant until the court ordered monetary obligation is paid in full, or a payment plan is made.
  • The court shall notify DOL when the monetary obligation is paid in full.
  • If the person fails to meet the obligations of his/her payment plan, the court may modify or revoke the plan and shall notify the DOL; DOL shall suspend the driver's license privilege of the defendant until the monetary obligation is paid in full.

It is suggested that the clerk follow the same DOL reporting procedure for this legislation as they are currently following for reporting nonpayment of judgments in the Judgments in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases legislation (RCW 46.29.310).  (See the County Clerk's HandbookSection 9-A Civil Judgments.)

RN id: 1814