I got a copy of my Defendant Case History from a court; what do all the codes mean?

The Defendant Case History (DCH) is a court record that can only be provided to the named party or to the attorney representing that party.  (See the Access to Court Records page of the Washington Courts Web site for more information on court records, specifically the Administrative Rule for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction (ARLJ) 9 - Disclosure of Records.)

For that reason, there is no reference guide in the JIS-Link Manual that shows a DCH printout with code descriptions. However, the links below access sections of the JIS-Link Code Manual which describe some of the different sections of the DCH printout:

 LEA - Law Enforcement Agency
 Ty - Case Type Codes
 Crt - Court ID Codes
 Status - Status Codes

   (Includes the Jg, CD, W, F, and O columns)
 C - Collection Status Codes

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