Where is information about entering or processing a Tax Warrant?

According to the Superior Court Statistical Reporting Manual> Section 2. Civil>Cause of Action Reporting Categories, Tax Warrants are to be filed as a civil case. (See the last sub-section entitled Matters Filed with the Clerk.)

Please refer to the SCOMIS Manual section Civil Cases in SCOMIS instructions on filing and processing Civil Cases, or the SCOMIS Code Manual for the correct Civil Cause Codes.

There is additional information regarding Fees and suggested Office Procedures in the County Clerk's Handbook. Section 9-A. Civil Judgments>Warrants State Excise Tax addresses filing, execution and sample office procedures. Section 13, General Statutes [RCW 36.18.012 Various Fees Collected, Item number (10)] provides information on the Fees imposed for these filings.

RN id: 1808