When I try to add the new version of the School Zone violation codes into a case, I receive an error message.  Why isn't this law working?

If you are using Host Explorer (instead of BlueZone) to access JIS, there is a known issue with the keyboard mapping of the hyphen (-) keys.  The default font size settings for the hyphen keys are different for the two locations of this key and JIS interprets this difference as two different symbols. (The hyphen located on the number pad is different than the hyphen located above the P on the keyboard.)  If you happen to use the hyphen key from one location, JIS will accept it; from the other location JIS will display an error.

Note:  If you are using BlueZone, you will not experience this problem because BlueZone automatically maps both hyphen keys to the same symbol.

You can correct this problem by re-mapping your keyboard so that both hyphen keys use the correct symbol.  Two resources to help you with remapping are:

  • See Answer: Remap a keyboard using Host Explorer, or
  • The Help menu at to the top of the screen in Host Explorer. (The correct character string for the dash is 45,0x2D.)

By mapping both hyphen keys to the same correct symbol, you will be able to enter the new School Zone violations from either area of the keyboard.

If you continue to experience problems after you have updated your keyboard mapping, please contact AOC Customer Services.  Use eService Center and select Topic 1. Computer/Printer/Security/Access.  Enter your request in the Question Data area and click Submit to AOC.

See also:

  • See Answer ID: 2007 LAW CHANGES - Traffic infraction penalty increases and other legislative changes effective July 22, 2007.
  • JIS Release Notes for August 20, 2007: Repair invalid hyphens in case numbers. (Please note: if you are still using Host Explorer and have not remapped your keyboard as instructed above, you could continue to create the problem that this was fixed in this release.)

RN id: 1805