Where is information on processing an anti-harassment case?

There are many places in the Online Manual that include procedures in processing civil and criminal domestic, anti-harassment, and sexual assault cases.  Some procedures are for courts of limited jurisdiction; some for superior courts; and some procedures apply to both court levels.

Rather than provide a long list of links here and possibly inadvertently exclude a link you need, it is recommended that you perform a search for anti-harassment or anti-harassment order from the appropriate Online Manual.  The list of Results will give you a good idea about the helpfulness of the links before you click on them.

Please note!  There is NOT a single place from which you can search ALL the Online Manuals.  It is important that you first access the manual you want to search, such as:

To perform a search:

  1. Go to the main Online Manual page on the Inside Courts Web site.
  2. Click the desired Online Manual.
  3. In the Search box in the upper right corner that is specific for that manual, enter your word or phrase in the search box.  If you know this is a common term, click the button to search by Exact Phrase.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Read through the descriptions displayed with the Results links to determine which link best describes what you are looking for and click that link.
  6. If you find that the section of the manual is not helpful, click Back one or more times to return to the list of Results and select a different link.  Or click back one more time to return to the Search box and change your search term.
  7. Remember, you can always use eService Center to submit a question to AOC Customer Services or call AOC Customer Services at 1-800-442-2169.

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