What is the 2007 update to the Sexual Assault Protection Order Act?

SHB 1555 (Ch. 212, Laws 2007) clarified the Sexual Assault Protection Act (RCW 7.90). The revision includes the following wording:

"It is the intent of the legislature that the sexual assault protection order created by this chapter be a remedy for victims who do not qualify for a domestic violence order of protection." [Bolding of text added by AOC.]

Conversely, a person who is sexually assaulted by a family or household member IS eligible for a domestic violence order, but NOT a sexual assault protection order. (Domestic violence is defined in RCW 26.50.110.)

Care should be taken to ensure that the appropriate petition is provided to petitioners seeking protection orders.

See also: Answer: Sexual Assault Protection Order Act (HB 2576)

RN id: 1789