How does our court change the Warrant Fee amount that displays in the Warrant Order (WRO) screen in JIS?

The Warrant Fee amount is determined by your court, but the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) must do the set-up in JIS for you. The Warrant Fee can be set to any amount from $0 to $100.

If your court decides to change its Warrant Fee amount, please use eService Center to submit a request to AOC Customer Services. Select Topic 3. Case Management. Type your request in the Question Data area, including the words "Warrant Fee change" and the new amount you are requesting. Then click Submit to AOC.

The AOC will make the requested change and reply to your request, confirming the change has been made.

See also: The Warrant Fees topic under the Warrant Processes (Court of Limited Jurisdiction) section of the online manual.

RN id: 1776