Where can I find more information about the traffic infraction penalty increase and other legislative changes affecting JIS and SCOMIS that took effect July 22, 2007?

Regarding Traffic Infractions:

The News and Info/Infraction Penalties: District and Municipal Courts page of the Washington Courts Web site contains links to worksheets and other information regarding infraction penalties that took effect July 22, 2007.

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  • Memo to Courts of Limited Jurisdiction Administrators from Ramsey Radwan, Director, AOC Management Services Division, dated May 24, 2007. (PDF Format).
  • Total Penalty Schedule (for violations listed in IRLJ 6.2) (Word Format).
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Infraction Legislation (PDF format).
  • Reduced Penalty Effect (PDF format).

Other 2007 law changes are also taking effect on July 22, 2007:

  • See eService Answer: 7/22/2007 LAW TABLE and LEGISLATIVE CHANGES - Links to all the related eService Answers for a list of all the eService answers about:

    • 2007 legislative changes to JIS for courts of limited jurisdiction;
    • 2007 legislative changes to JIS and SCOMIS for superior courts;
    • New BARS Codes requiring DCXT entries due to 2007 legislation.

  • School Zone and Construction Zone penalties: eService Answer: Total penalties for speeding in a school or construction zone - Effective 7/22/2007.

Online Documentation:

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