How do courts access accident or police reports that the officer attached to an eTicket?

Attachments to a processed eTicket may be viewed in two ways:

1. Via the Judicial Access Browser System (JABS).

  • The violator's copy of the eTicket and any officer attachments, including accident and police reports are located at the bottom of the Summary Tab.
  • The court's copy of the eTicket is accessible using the eTicket Tab.

NOTE:  Attachments on the Summary Tab are only viewable if accessing JABS from inside the AOC network or by accessing JABS using the JABS link web address:


2. Via the Processed eTickets report in ETP.

  • On the ETP Report Menu, select the Processed eTicket report.
  • Select (check) the "Include Attachments" check box.
  • All attachments will be displayed as hyperlinks in the report. 

Troubleshooting Tips:

Please note that certain software on your computer can alter the formatting of the attachments, as well as some entries that are created by the Officers. The type of computer connection (wireless) can also affect the court's ability to view attachments in JABS.

  • Please verify that all computers have a minimum of MS WORD, the free MS WORD Reader, or the free OpenOffice software installed. 
  • Also, verify the default on each computer is set to open all  .doc documents with that software (MS Word, the MS Word Reader, or OpenOffice software), to prevent altering the attachments.
  • If attempting to access JABS attachments from a wireless computer using a router that is separate from the router used by the JIS computers in the court, you will be able to access JABS and all the tabs; however, you will only be able to open the PDF and Word attachments in JABS, if you use the JABS link web address:

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