What is the business process flow used in Electronic Ticket Processing (ETP)?

Attached at the bottom of this answer is a brief PowerPoint show with two diagrams showing the ETP processes:

  • The first slide is illustrated in pictures.
  • The second page (a draft) illustrates the flow in more technical terms.

In addition, below are the general business process steps for ETP:

The officer uses the eTicket writing application SECTOR with a laptop to create tickets from the patrol car.

The officer downloads the tickets to the Washington State Patrol's (WSP) BackOffice application.

BackOffice sends the tickets via the secure Washington State Department of Information Services (DIS) JINDEX (Justice Information Network Data Exchange) server.

The tickets arrive at the Washington State Administrative Office of the Court's (AOC) statewide Judicial Information System (JIS) and become available for the courts to process.

When a court staff member signs onto the ETP application from Inside Courts (from the Access JIS page), only that court's eTickets are listed.

The court processes the eTickets using the ETP application, which creates a JIS case.  From that point, the case will be handled the same as any other case of the same case type; that is, it will display on all the normal screens in JIS applications, such as in JABS (Judicial Access Browser System), on the DCH (Defendant Case History) screen, etc.

All case processing functions are done like any other JIS case (with the exception of the DOL Disposition).

When a Guilty type Finding/Judgment code and date are entered on a JIS charge that:

  • is connected to an electronic ticket,
  • is of a type for which DOL is notified,
  • and is attached to a person record with a name and date of birth or driver's license number, then:

the disposition is automatically sent to DOL electronically. The court does not need to send a paper notification to DOL.

NOTE:  Manually filed tickets, even those generated in SECTOR but filed by using ONLY a printed copy, will NOT be transmitted to DOL electronically. 

ONLY tickets that are received and processed through the ETP program are available for the DOL Disposition Transfer process, if they meet the requirements.  See the topics under the DOL Disposition Transfer Information chapter of the Electronic Ticketing Manual (eTicketing) for more information on the requirements and descriptions of the process.


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