Why do the local court laws need to contain different law numbers than the statewide law numbers for courts receiving eTickets?

When an officer uses an electronic ticketing application, he or she is allowed to select any law from the list of statewide laws or from the local laws of the jurisdiction in which the ticket is being written. If a court has a local law with the same number as a statewide law, even if the officer entered the law number intending to use the statewide law, JIS would use the local version of that law number instead. In such an instance, the charge could therefore be recorded differently in JIS than on the eTicket.

In addition, when the application attempts to automatically send dispositions to DOL, it would not know whether to send the local or statewide law.

Therefore, courts that are receiving electronic tickets need to review their local laws and make sure none of them contain the same law numbers as a current statewide law.

Prior to using ETP, please see Year-End Checklist for JIS for all court levels, following the links at the top of the answer to the following sections:

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