How do I get the Vehicle Owner information on a parking citation?

The Vehicle Owner information is reviewed in a few different locations in the Online Manual, depending on the status of the citation.  DOL Vehicle Owner information on Parking Citations is normally requested from the DOL during the Automated Parking Delinquency and Collections Cycle.  The Owner information must be requested prior to a Delinquent Notice being submitted.  This automated process is described in detail in the Parking Financial Processes section of the Online Manual.

The Parking Vehicle Related Processing section of the Online Manual provides additional Vehicle Owner information.  This section describes:

  • How to display or manually add Vehicle Owner information.
  • The Vehicle License Registration Renewal Hold process.

    Caution: Recording Vehicle Owner Information manually, prior to a ticket going into delinquent status, can interfere with the automated DOL owner information retrieval process.

    Note: The court should never set the New Owner flag on the PVM screen to "Y" when updating an owner's address as it will create a "New Owner" record which can also cause errors due to having a duplicate record.

The Parking Special Request (PSR) screen is reviewed in the Parking Case Management section of the Online Manual.  This screen is used to manually request retrieval of DOL owner information, prior to a parking ticket going into delinquent status.  The PSR screen is also used to submit a request for a DOL Registration Hold Release.

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