What is the procedure to change a local law on the Fine/Penalty Schedule Update (FPSU) screen?

The only items that can be changed on an active law on the FPSU screen are:

  • The Title of the Law, and
  • The End Effective Date.

In order to change the law number itself or any other input value on the FPSU screen, you must first end-effective date the law and then re-enter it with the new information.  Court Education staff recommends the use of the attached FPSU Template when making changes to your local laws; fill out the form prior to making changes to the JIS screen.

Note:  For courts using eTickets (ETP), be sure that the eDispo to DOL field (the DOL Disposition Transfer Indicator) is set appropriately or eTicket Dispositions may be/may not be sent to DOL appropriately on your local laws.

Please review the Fine/Penalty Schedule Update Screen - FPSU (CLJ) section of the Online Manual for instructions and demonstrations on:

  • Inquire about a Local or Statewide Law.
  • Remove a Local Law.
  • Add a Local Law.

Additional information available includes:

  • Recommended format for Local Law Numbers.
  • Recommended format for Local Law Titles.
  • Recommended format for BARS Codes (Which BARS Codes to use).
  • How to get a Local Law (Law Table) Report.

Note: Law Table changes are sent to Washington State Patrol (WSP) for loading into SECTOR once per week (Wednesdays) and sent to Department of Licensing (DOL) monthly (the beginning of the month).  If you know of an addition or change to a law that will need to be entered, it is recommended that you do the entry/change in advance so there is time for the information to be sent to justice partners. FPSU does allow for future begin dates to be entered.

See also eService Answer: Law Numbers for eTicketing (ID # 1723)

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