What are the recent changes to the SCOMIS Docket Codes?

The following SCOMIS Docket Code changes affecting case status and warrant status were approved by the JIS Codes Committee and released statewide the weekend of March 3-4, 2007:

  • The former code ORAPP (Order for Apprehension/Pick-up) will now set case status to "WAR" (On Warrant) and will set warrant status to "O" (Ordered) in JIS.
  • The former code ORWADFC (Order & Warrant of Arrest & Detention of Fugitive Complaint) will no longer set case or warrant status.  Previously ORDWADFC set case status to "WAR" and warrant status to "O."
  • The new docket code RTW (Return from Warrant Status) will set case status to RWAR" (Return from Warrant) and will set warrant status to "N" (Past Activity) in JIS.

These changes are reflected in the SCOMIS Code Manual/Docket Codes in the Online Manual.

See also:  SCOMIS Code Manual/Recent Updates page of the Online Manual.

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