How do I print dockets and DCHs for multiple cases at one time?

Superior Courts can order the DCHs and ICHs using one of two options; however, Dockets must be printed individually using the Copy Docket report process. See the Prepare a Copy Section Report topic of the Online SCOMIS Manual for detailed instructions.

Note: Effective 9/4/2018, the Abstract of Driving Record (ADR) is no longer available in JIS and cannot be printed in batch. The ADR is available in JABS to view or print one at a time.

Option 1 - Print the DCHs one at a time:

The first option is to use the DCH or ICH screens for each individual case and request the documents to print. On the DCH or ICH screen you must type Y in the Print field

Option 2 - Print the DCHs or ICHs with or without the ADRs in a batch:

  1. Type the DCHB or ICHB Command in the Navigator field.  A case number is not required in the Navigator field to access these screens.
  2. Press <Enter>.
  3. Decide if you want the report to run now or overnight.  Leave the N next to Overnight if you want the report to run now, or change the N to Y if you can wait for the dockets to run over night.
  4. Enter up to 64 case numbers for the Defendants for whom you want DCH/ICHs.
  5. Press <Enter>.  

    Result: The DCHB reports will show the History only where the person in question is named as a Defendant on the cases. The ICHB reports, however, will also include cases where the person in question is the Respondent or Petitioner to a case.

    Note: The DCH or ICH will appear as one item in the court's designated Print Domain, rather than as a separate item for each case number. 

Please review the Defendant Case History Report section of the Online Manual for more detailed information about the screen or the reports.

To transfer a report from the court's Print Domain to your PC as a Word® document or text file, please see Answer: Transferring (downloading) a file from a print domain to a PC.

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